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This website was created by the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Scotland with the financial support of the 'Instruction of the Young Committee' of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Ireland. It is designed to be a useful resource for people of all ages.

Our desire is that the website would be a useful tool both as a starting point for Reformation and Covenanter history and as a pointer to further resources, many of which (including hard to find and out of print books) are now available to read online.

The website also aims to be a key resource for those who want to explore significant places from Covenanting times themselves, and incorporates the extensive maps drawn up by the late David Roy, a lifetime's labour of love. Google Maps of the major sites are also provided, and the new 'Streetview' feature means that you can check out many of the sites before you even come and visit.

If you would like to find out more, feel free to contact us using the form provided on the Contact Page.

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