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St Giles Cathedral
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St Giles Cathedral
St Giles Cathedral   Jenny Geddes Stool   Jenny Geddes Inscription
St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh was the location of the start of the Second Reformation. When James Hannay, the Dean of the Cathedral, attempted to read from the new Book of Common Prayer, Jenny Geddes threw her stool at him, shouting “Villain, dost thou say mass at my lug? [in my hearing]”.
Archibald Campbell Grave  

The resulting protests against the prayer book eventually led to the signing of the National Covenant. A framed copy of the National Covenant can be viewed in the Cathedral today.

Also inside the Cathedral is a memorial to Archibald Campbell the Marquess of Argyll, who had crowned king Charles II, in 1651.

John Knox Statue   During the First Reformation, John Knox was appointed minister of St Giles in the summer of 1560. Even when he was old and infirm ‘he was sa active and vigorous that he was lyk to ding that pulpit in blads and fly out of it’ (he was so active and vigorous it looked as if he was about to break the pulpit in bits and fly out of it). On the 9th of November 1572, he preached his final sermon there, and two weeks later he died. He was buried in the churchyard, which today is covered by a car park.
John Knox Stones   John Knox Grave


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