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St Andrews
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St Andrews   St Andrews is a town located 80 miles north-east of Glasgow and 50 miles north-east of Edinburgh. Today it has a population of around 16,500 people.
Patrick Hamilton Inscription  

In the 1500s, St Andrews was the centre of Roman Catholicism in Scotland, and here Patrick Hamilton, the first martyr of the Scottish Reformation, was put to death in 1528. He was burnt at the stake outside St Salvator’s Chapel by at the age of 24

Patrick Hamilton Initials  

Today, the place where he died is marked by the initials ‘PH’ on the ground

John Knox Pulpit  


The pulpit inside St Salvator’s is said to have originally come from Holy Trinity Church, where it was used by John Knox

St Andrews Castle  


St Andrews was also the site of the execution of George Wishart, who was also burnt at the stake, this time outside St Andrews Castle in 1546.

George Wishart Initials  


Wishart’s preaching had helped move the Scotland forward, and he had a big impact on John Knox. The spot where he died is marked with the initials ‘GH’.

Samuel Rutherford Grave  

Jumping forward to the Second Reformation, the graveyard of St Andrews’ Castle contains the grave of Samuel Rutherford

Sharp Cairn-Covenanters Grave   Nearby St Andrews is Magus Muir, where Archbishop Sharp was killed. A cairn marks the spot, while nearby is the grave of 5 Covenanters, who were captured at Bothwell Bridge and then executed here in revenge for Sharp’s killing.
Alexander Henderson Inscription   Six miles north of St Andrews lies the town of Leuchars, where Alexander Henderson was minister for twenty years.


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