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Scots Confession of Faith (1560)

The Scots Confession of Faith was an important document which explained what the Reformed church believed. It was drawn up by the ‘six Johns’: Knox, Willock, Winram, Spottiswoode, Row and Douglas at the request of Parliament – in only four days. It contained 25 articles on subjects such as God, Creation, Sin, Faith, Good Works, the Church and the Sacraments and was influenced by the theology of the French Reformer John Calvin. It was accepted by Parliament in 1560 and was used as a summary of what the Church of Scotland believed for over eighty years until the Westminster Confession of Faith was drawn up and accepted in 1647.

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The Scots Confession of Faith
John Macleod, A review of the Scots Confession of 1560
J. G. Vos,
The Scottish Covenanters (Edinburgh, 1998 [1940]), pp 23-4.
Scots Confession


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