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Charles II restored in Ireland
And the compromising begins

In 1660, Charles II was restored as king of England, Scotland and Ireland. The Presbyterians in Ireland prepared an address to the king, congratulating him on his return and asking that religion might be settled according to the Reformation and the Covenant. However when those sent to take the address got to London, they were advised by ministers in London to take out references to in favour of the Covenant and against Episcopalianism as they were likely to annoy the king. So the Irish ministers took out the these references, which greatly annoyed the Presbyterians back home. Sadly this was a sign of things to come.

As in Scotland, Charles was determined to bring back prelacy. By April 1661, 61 of the 68 Presbyterian ministers in Ireland had been put out of their churches by the king because they wouldn’t accept the authority of the bishops. Then, a month later, as in Scotland and England, the Irish Parliament ordered the Solemn League and Covenant, which they called ‘schismatical, seditious and treasonable’ to be publicly burned by the common hangman in all cities and towns.

Read more:
James Seaton Reid,
History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, ed. W. D. Killen (3 vols, 3rd edn, Belfast, 1867), ii]


Charles II
Charles II
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