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Alexander Peden Memorial
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Glenwherry lies between Ballymena and Larne, Northern Ireland. Alexander Peden lived here between 1682 and 1685.

When he arrived, he hired himself out as a farm worker to a farmer called William Steel. After each day’s work, Peden would sleep in the barn with the Steel’s young servant boy. After two days of this however, the servant boy complained to his mistress that this new Scottish man didn’t actually sleep, but instead spent all night praying by name for the suffering members of the Church of Scotland. At tea time that night she got her husband to ask Peden if he was a minister, and he said that he was, and that he wasn’t ashamed of it. After this they didn’t make him sleep in the barn or work in the fields again, but instead they got him to preach and minister to those in the surrounding area.


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